U.S. Living Will Registry 

As a member of Final Exit Network, you have an opportunity to register with the U.S. Living Will 
Registry. To learn more about the USLWR, visit www.uslivingwillregistry.com.

To receive this free benefit of membership, simply contact us for the unique Network USLWR registration form by email at: finalexitnetworkcontact@gmail.com, or click on the button at left and request the form. Once you receive the form, then mail it along with your advance directive and/or organ donor information to:  
PO Box 2789 
Westfield, NJ 07091
(Please do NOT mail it to the Network's mailing address. This will delay your registration.)

The U.S. Living Will Registry is a secure, on-line database where you can store your advance 
directive and/or organ donor information. The document can be easily accessed by you, or any health 
care provider. It is completely confidential, just like a medical record. Once registered, you will receive 
labels to affix to your insurance card and driver’s license stating your advance directive is registered. 
Take advantage of this great program!

Member Benefits

1.  Members receive the peace of mind knowing they have FEN 
knowledge, expertise and support should they choose self-deliverance. 

2.  Members have access to our FEN knowledge on end of life issues 
through trained coordinators.  

3.  Members can volunteer for Final Exit Network activities including speaking, social media advocacy and coordination, as well as becoming an Exit Guide.  

4.  Members are offered free enrollment in the U.S. Living Will Registry. 

5.  Members receive a quarterly newsletter that keeps them informed on FEN and worldwide activities involving the death-with-dignity movement.

6.  Members know that their dues and donations are helping FEN provide its services free of charge to competent people.

7.  While a person does not need to be a member to receive services, members receive top priority when requesting services.

Member Services

We provide support for people in their exploration and decision-making without bias or judgment through our trained coordinators.

We offer free services to all competent people who qualify for our exit guide support program, which includes relevant information, home visits and a compassionate presence for self-deliverance for approved applicants and their families. 

We advocate for peoples’ right to self-deliverance.

We provide rigorous training for all coordinators, associate and senior guides.

Benefits of Membership in Final Exit Network
Exit Guide Services
U.S. Living Will Registry
Member Benefits
Member Services
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