2019 – 2020

Brian Ruder, M.S. Mathematics 
  Portland, Oregon
  Senior Guide and Board Member 2017
  Senior Management Consultant SRI              International
  Senior Vice President Visa International
  Professor MBA Capstone at Portland              State University

Ronald Liesemer, Ph.D.
  Cleveland, OH
  Joined Board 2018
  Management DuPont and 
  VP American Plastics Council
  Secretary of Board, National Capital Area
    Compassion & Choices 2009-2011
  Exit Guide

Judy Snyderman, M.B.A.
    Madison, WI
    Joined Board 2008
    Exit Guide
    Past-President Cincinnati Chapter of
         End of Life Choices (Compassion
         & Choices)
    Involved with critical care medical 
         instrumentation for over 20 years

Janis Landis
   New York, NY
   Joined Board 2011
   Retired Executive, U.S. Department of           the Treasury

​Rev. Kevin T. Bradley, M.Div.
   Sioux Falls, SD
   Joined Board 2016
   Certified stress management counselor 
      and spiritual intelligence coach
   Co-founder, Interfaith Clergy for End-of-
      Life Options
Cameron Linen, M.T.S., M.S., lPastC-C
​   Portland, ME
   Joined Board 2015

Tom Tuxill, M.D.
    Senior Exit Guide and Medical 
          Committee member
    Bellingham, WA
    Joined Board 2011
    Retired Ophthalmologist

Gary Wederspahn, M.A.
    Outreach Facilitator
    South St. Paul, MN
    Joined Board 2015
    Retired Peace Corps Director 
    International business consultant, 
        speaker, writer

2019 – 2020

Derek Humphry
    Junction City, OR
    Founding Board Member
    Founder of The Hemlock Society USA in 
         1980, executive director for 12 years
    Author of 13 books, 4 of which relate to the 
         right to die
    Founder, ERGO (Euthanasia Research 
         and Guidance Organization)
    Member, NuTech research organization

Linda J. Banez
    LaMirada, CA
    Joined Board 2012
    Retired from corporate career with 
         Interstate Brands Corp.
    Fervent advocate for the dying with 
         dignity movement

Huck DeVenzio
    Germantown, TN
    Joined Hemlock Society in 1994
    Member of FEN since inception
    FEN Newsletter Editor, 2016-2019
    Career-long Marketing Manager

Ruth von Fuchs, M.A.
    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Founding Board Member
    President, Right to Die Society of Canada
    Member of Network Training Faculty
    Board Member, ERGO (Euthanasia and 
         Research Guidance)

Faye Girsh, Ed.D., Sr. Advisor
    LaJolla, CA
    Founding Board Member
    Exit Guide and Network spokesperson
    Board member/editor, World Federation of 
         Right to Die Societies
    Former President of the Hemlock Society 

Richard MacDonald, M.D.
    Senior Medical Advisor
    Chico, CA
    Senior Exit Guide and Member of our 
       Training Faculty
    Frequent speaker for the Network
    Hemlock/Caring Friends Medical Director 
    President, World Federation of Right to Die 
       Societies 2000-2002
    General Practice in Calgary, Alberta and in 
       California from 1953 to 2009

Martin Seidenfeld, Ph.D.
    Boise, ID
    Joined Board 2014
    Psychologist, independent practice
    Retired university professor
    Exit Guide

Wendell Stephenson, Ph.D.
    Fresno, CA
    Joined Board 2010
    Exit Guide, Past-President End of
       Life Choices, Fresno County
    Philosophy Instructor, Fresno City 
    College-level philosophy instructor 
       for over 35 years
Our Leadership
Our leaders go far beyond the call of duty. They give of their time and their hearts to further the cause of a death with dignity for everyone. Achieving FEN's ultimate objective of a peaceful, dignified death for those with devastating illnesses may be in the future, but in the meantime these dedicated leaders provide education and comfort to those who are experiencing intolerable pain and suffering.
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Mary C. Ewert, MSc, PhD
   Crystal Lake, IL
   Retired association manager (American Bar  
   Assn., American Osteopathic Assn.)
   Right to Die and Abortion Rights activist
   VP McHenry County (IL) Citizens for              Choice
   Former VP, Final Options Illinois

Jay Niver  
   Pittsboro, NC
   Joined FEN in 2018
   Retired journalist, educator, PR consultant

Final Exit Network of the Capital Region, New York
Eleanor Aronstein
    Schenectady, NY
    Eleanor provides advice to any FEN volunteer     interested in hosting a meeting of local FEN     members. She also is available to speak in the     Upstate New York area.