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Our Speakers Bureau service is available throughout the U.S. At our 
expense, we will send a speaker to your location. We will help with 
publicity for the event, coordinate and pay for travel and lodging, and furnish handouts and brochures. 

​Use the contact form below to make a request.You will need to procure the venue, set the time, and advertise within your organization. If you have additional expenses or plans for publicity, you will need to work with our coordinator ahead of time. 

Our topics range from the Death With Dignity and its History; How Doctors Choose to Die; Legal Actions Throughout the U.S. Involving Final Exit Network; The Role of Exit Guides and the Need for Change; The Difference Between Suicide and Rational Self Deliverance; Preparing for End of Life with Your Family, among other topics. You may also propose a topic for one of our speakers.
Speakers Bureau Contact Form

Please specify:
  • City, State and Venue
  • Name of Group
  • Size of Audience
  • Potential Dates
  • Topic Preference
​Be sure to include your complete contact information.
Who Uses our Speakers?

Community groups of all kinds
University groups
Senior learning centers
Students - Colleges & Universities
Unitarian Universalist congregations
Churches of all denominations
Agnostic / Atheist groups
Freethinker Forums
Rational Thought groups
Philosophy / Psychology organizations
Medical Groups concerned with 
    end-of-life issues
Nursing / Doctor organizations
Public Library programs
​Specific disease-focused organizations, 
    such as Parkinson's, ALS, etc.
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Speakers from around the world convened in Chicago in 2014 to talk about the world-wide right-to-die movement during the World Federation Conference sponsored and hosted by Final Exit Network and its members.