About Self-Deliverance

Personal autonomy and the right to self-deliverance aren’t worth much if one doesn’t have the knowledge to comfortably and safely exercise them. FEN’s Exit Guide Program exists to educate people so that self-deliverance is a peaceful and practical option they may consider, and to be a compassionate presence for people who choose that option.

Self-deliverance is not illegal in any U.S. state, and free speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Within that framework, FEN provides information and a compassionate presence. We provide nothing else.

Our position toward our clients is neutral and nonjudgmental. Their choices are theirs alone to make; we neither encourage nor discourage. We supply no materials and provide no assistance. We share with our clients what we have learned and, if they choose to use that information and would like our presence at their self-deliverance, we will be with them.

FEN is a national organization led by active volunteers who provide board leadership, training, give presentations, advocate for our beliefs and provide exit guide services for approved applicants.

  • We support research into safe, certain, painless and peaceful methods for self-deliverance.
  • We support efforts to require doctors and hospitals to recognize and follow people’s advanced directives and other end of life choices.
  • Although FEN supports expanding both the scope and availability of medical aid in dying laws, it does not actively pursue that change. FEN believes that current aid in dying laws are necessary, but that they are not sufficient, to meet the needs of many people who are excluded by the provisions of existing laws. Our primary focus, therefore, is on supporting those who are not served by current laws and who meet our criteria.
  • We retain legal counsel with special expertise in end of life and free speech issues.

FEN membership is not required to apply for Exit Guide Services.