Impact of COVID-19 on Exit Guide Services

Final Exit Network's priority is the health and welfare of our global community. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, we are operating under the following guidelines:

  1. For those who have already applied and been accepted for guide support, your coordinator or guide will continue to work with you given current constraints, but guides will not travel.
  2. For those interested in applying, our coordinators are available as usual. You can reach them here or by leaving a phone message at 866-654-9156.

Our coordinators will discuss your situation with you in depth, including alternatives such as hospice, state MAiD laws, or the guidebooks listed under the “Resources” tab above. If you then decide you may want exit guide services after travel restrictions are lifted, the coordinator will explain the medical documents and personal statement that you will need to initiate your application. We ask that you hold your medical records and personal statement until it is safe to travel without violating restrictions or exposing our guides or others to undue risk.

It is our hope that by the time your records are complete, the situation in our country may be normalized. This is especially true because, given the strain on medical resources, it may take time for you to reach doctors and get copies of your records. We are deeply committed to our mission and want to assure you that as soon as government restrictions are lifted and the safety of our guides and others can be assured, we will keep that commitment.

Here is a tool to help you think about and share your wishes with loved ones during the COVID-19 pandemic. Feel free to print copies to share.