The Peaceful Pill Handbook
by Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart
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The Peaceful Pill Handbook is a comprehensive reference describing practical methods of self-deliverance and rating each method for its reliability, peacefulness, and availability (the authors’ RPA Test). It covers legality and privacy, the use of inert gas, inorganic salts, poisons, prescription drugs, and traveling to Switzerland. It also includes discussion of methods being developed by Exit’s R&D arm, such as the Sarco, a capsule for using nitrogen without a bag. The electronic version regularly provides updates and new developments.

NOTE: There is no simple, peaceful pill. The book is titled after Dutch Judge Huibert Drion’s 1991 article calling for something like a peaceful pill to be provided by doctors to those over a certain age so that they could choose to end their lives when and how they chose.

Final Exit Network recommends The Peaceful Pill Handbook as a unique and valuable source of information.