Supplemental Advance Directive for Dementia Care (SADD)

Final Exit Network's Supplemental Advance Directive for Dementia Care (SADD) is available for individuals to use. But please remember that this directive is not for everybody. It is only for relatively knowledgeable users of advance directives, those who have given plenty of thought to this issue and who have made up their minds: they would choose self-deliverance by VSED (voluntarily stopping eating and drinking) over being spoon fed for years after they cannot or would not otherwise eat.

You must also have a healthcare surrogate who is completely comfortable with this request and who is prepared to argue with healthcare providers on your behalf.

You and your surrogate must also understand that there is very little legal guidance in state cases and that your request may not be honored. However, inclusion of such a statement does help improve the chances of it being upheld, as well as generally contributing to a climate in which such requests become the norm.