Are you having trouble getting an Advance Directive honored, either for yourself or as Surrogate for a loved one? Help is now just a phone call away. FEN’s new Surrogate Consultant will let you know your rights, walk you through your options, and offer guidance on how to proceed. This is a no-cost FEN service designed to help you enforce the Advance Directive of the patient. Click here for more details and contact information.


Please see a discussion about the dementia dilemma in our FEN Spring 2020 magazine, If you are interested in finding out more about the Supplemental Advance Directive for Dementia (SADD) Care and obtaining a copy you can use, click here.


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We Support the Human Right To a death with dignity

We hold that mentally competent adults who suffer from a terminal illness, intractable physical pain, chronic or progressive physical disabilities, or who face loss of autonomy and selfhood through dementia, have a basic human right to choose to end their lives when they judge their quality of life to be unacceptable.

Every 65 seconds someone in the U.S. develops Alzheimer's
15 new cases of ALS diagnosed each day in U.S.
New cases of dementia worldwide each year

How We Can Help

Our services are free and are offered nationwide. Our guides travel to you and educate you on personal choices.


We believe no one should suffer a traumatic death, and we will do our best - within the limits of each state's laws - to educate you on your alternatives.


Our guides travel to you and educate you on your personal choices. You must, however, be able to competently choose, as well as be able to effect your exit.


Our Exit Guide Service responds to phone requests for information within 48 hours.

Finding Hope in Something Hopeless

I am occasionally asked to talk with Final Exit Network clients or family members who have questions about religion or spirituality. They sometimes seek help in coming to terms with their faith tradition’s opposition to self-deliverance. Usually, clients have already reconciled the apparent conflict for themselves, but a family member may be struggling to understand…

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