Stopping Eating and Drinking, a Guide

Book by Boudewijn Chabot, MD PhD (2015)

Chabot packs a lot of information into this short book about voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED). It contains a few case studies as well as practical information for those considering VSED to end their lives. Though more of a how-to manual, it provides good fodder for discussion.

Available here: https://dignifieddying.com/dignified-dying/books/

Dying Wish: A Dying Doctor's Decision to Stop Eating and Drinking

Documentary film directed by Karen van Vuuren (2008, 29 minutes)

The filmmakers follow Michael Miller, an 88-year-old retired surgeon with cancer who chooses to voluntarily stop eating and drinking to hasten his death.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNGXbi84U5o&feature=youtu.be

Rosemary Bowen’s Fast

Documentary family film by Mary Beth Bowen (2018, 16 minutes)

Several months after suffering a back injury, Rosemary Bowen, 94, decided that she was ready to die. She asked her daughter Mary Beth to make this video to show others that VSED can be a sensible end-of-life option.