We're not a typical organization. We don't give you tote bags for joining, and we don't plague you with phone calls if you don't renew.

That's because our major member benefit is unique: we give you peace of mind. By taking away the fear of a lingering, painful death, we let you focus on living. And we provide a comprehensive spectrum of services to accomplish that:

  • Assistance in preparation of your Advance Directive (AD) so that it reflects your own individual goals and instructions for medical care.
  • A special addendum to your AD addressing dementia.
  • Tips on choosing a Health Care Surrogate to ensure that your AD is honored.
  • Free advice from a certified patient advocate for you or your Surrogate if your AD is not being honored.
  • Free legal assistance if your legitimate AD request is not honored.
  • Free registration of your AD on the Living Will Registry.
  • Continued education on your rights and options through our Quarterly newsletter as well as invitations to webinars on topics such as Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking (VSED).
  • And for those suffering from serious, irremediable illness that has robbed them of quality of life, we provide information on all legal end-of-life options.

And there is one intangible but meaningful additional benefit to membership:

We believe that the right to determine when you have suffered enough from a devastating illness is a personal decision and your legal right.  By joining FEN, you help us advocate for the rights of all competent adults to have that right when they need it.

Your membership contribution will help FEN make death with dignity accessible – not just for yourself, but a recognized civil right for all Americans.